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Expert geometallurgical analysis and advice when and where you need it.

Geomet Consulting Australia provides a wide range of support services to metallurgists, geologists, engineers, project managers, laboratories and other mining industry professionals.


When you don't have the time or inclination to accurately and concisely tabulate and present your data, or perhaps want an experienced analyst to check for any hidden drivers which may be exploitable in unlocking the potential of your resource, our service can provide the skills to achieve these with a flexible and cost effective approach. 

Our general services include data collection, compilation, analysis and presentation, however we also offer specialised analyses including statistical data assessments and mathematical modelling, quality control, sampling and auditing. 

Our services can generally be applied to different commodity types, with our experience predominantly covering Iron Ores (including Magnetite), Gold, Copper, Nickel, Cobalt and Rare Earths.  However, the methods are applicable to other mineral types, as well as to environmental assessments such as Acid Mine Drainage. 

Exploration, Scoping PFS and DFS Level Services

  • Data Collection, Compilation, Interpretation and Presentation
  • Assistance with Testwork Sample Selections
  • Sample Representivity Assessments
  • General and Advanced Statistical Assessment
  • Spatial Trends and Key Analyte Identifcation
  • Preliminary Mathematical Modelling of Predictive Characteristics
  • Advanced Mathematical Modelling of Quality, Recovery and Physical Characteristics
  • Ore Sampling Characteristic Assessments
  • Quality Control Advice and Assessments
  • Normative Mineralogy
  • Unorthodox and Unusual Assessments (upon request)

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Geomet Consulting Australia

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